An Introduction to TravelSnappers

Brian Lloyd Duckett


I’ve always been a passionate street, documentary and travel photographer and I guess my interest derives from pounding the streets of London, draped with cameras, as a news photographer. I founded TravelSnappers (and it’s sister business, StreetSnappers) to bring together this passion for photography with a love of teaching – something I only discovered I was good at later in life.

Photojournalism taught me three important lessons about travel and street photography. Firstly, look for the detail – look at everything around you and actively work at developing your powers of observation. Secondly, be curious and go with your own instinct – your gut feel is usually right. Thirdly, context is king; the context is often necessary to help tell the story.

I admire the work of photographers such as Joel Meyerowitz, Saul Leiter, Fan Ho, Ernst Haas, Dougie Wallace and Alex Webb; each brings a rich diversity of style and approach to this wonderful genre of photography. But it’s not only the ‘greats’ who matter: I get as much satisfaction out of seeing my workshop students develop over the months and years – sometimes progressing from complete beginner to highly accomplished photographer. There’s no greater reward for a teacher.

I’m an ambassador for Fujifilm – an ‘Official Fujifilm X-Photographer’. I have used Fujifilm gear for street photography for a long time and rated it very highly. That’s not to say I don’t also rate other manufacturers’ gear: many of my friends, colleagues and workshop students use just about every brand of kit imaginable – and it’s all warmly welcomed on my workshops!

As well as running group and one-to-one photography workshops across the UK and in Europe, I lecture about it and I write books. My first book on street photography techniques – ‘Mastering Street Photography‘ – is published by Ammonite Press (2016) and is available in bookshops worldwide.The success of the book rather took me by surprise as it now seems to be a best-seller in its category around the world. My latest street photography book, also by Ammonite, is called ’52 Street Photography Assignments’ and has just been released.

I am represented by Saatchi Art where my prints are on sale worldwide.

My advice? Immerse yourself in street photography, relax and don’t rush things. Your skills will develop and your confidence will build. It’s an interesting journey – I hope you enjoy it 🙂


Brian Lloyd Duckett

Brian Lloyd Duckett

Founder and Course Leader