Where travel meets documentary . . .

Our travel photography workshops have a unique twist. Whilst we always aim to get the iconic travel photography shots at each location, the emphasis is on more of a documentary approach; this enables you to tells the story of your travels with more depth and meaning, with a set of images which have a strong narrative element.


Become a visual storyteller

The images from your workshop will have your own unique stamp on them; these are not workshops on which all participants are coached to take exactly the same shot – you will be encouraged to tell the story through your own eyes and with your own perspective. Now add an element of street photography to the mix and you have a powerful and unique learning experience.

You will learn how to work on projects and assignments, developing a personal style and an ability to see beyond the obvious. Once this ‘project mentality’ becomes part of your everyday thinking, it will transform your approach to travel photography. Life will start to look much more interesting!


Small Groups . . .

You won’t be part of a crowd! All our workshops have a maximum of six participants which means that you get lots of one-to-one time with your workshop leader. This level of individual coaching and mentoring quickly helps build your skills and your confidence as a photographer as you can, to a great extent, set your own agenda for the workshop. You’ll find that you really bond with your group, having fun together, learning together, creating memories and striking up some long-term friendships. Whilst there will be plenty of free time, there are lots of options to eat, drink and socialise as a group.



We can organise one-to-one workshops for between 2 and 7 days at any of our listed locations – or anywhere in the world. These private workshops can be for individuals or small groups of family or friends and are available throughout the year. From a ‘one off’ workshop to a structured development programme – and all points in between – we can work together to elevate your skills as a documentary and travel photographer. Please contact us to discuss your ideas or requirements.


Local Knowledge

Your workshop leader, Brian Lloyd Duckett, only works in locations he knows well; as well as visiting some of the ‘must see’ vistas, he will take you off the beaten track and into the parts of cities the locals live, work and play.